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    Potts Point

    We worked closely with the amazing team at the potts point hotel to realise this little gem of rock. A revamp to a well worn space, we’ll leave the words to them:


    “Boogie Mountain was rumoured to be a little known commune that existed in the depths of Arizona during the 1970’s. Known for its hedonistic lifestyle and passion for the absurd, romantic and wild, the cult disappeared over-night, with whispers that it has resurfaced in various iterations across the world since.

    Embracing this hedonistic attitude, Boogie Mountain now opens as a late rock club in Potts Point.

    Serving classic cocktails, an all Australian wine list, magnums of rosé and heaps of tinnies, all whilst rock anthems roll across the rich velvet couches and hidden nooks throughout the space.


    Located at LVL 2, 33 Darlinghurst Road Potts Point Sydney”


    Photography Courtesy of Pedestrian TV & Dominic Loneragan