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    new construction


    private residence, stanwell park, nsw

    seeking refuge from the city, a couple of empty-nesters sought to downscale and relocate to a coastal lifestyle.

    stanwell park is a seaside residential village situated in a scenic natural amphitheatre in the southern coast of new south wales, australia.


    views are an important aspect to the neighbourhood character, the ability to glimpse the sea or the escarpment from living rooms or balconies is ineradicably linked to the ‘sense of place’ in this beachside location.

    the brief called for simplicity and an economical approach to the build maximizing the abounding natural beauty.


    minimalist in nature, a reduced scale within the subtractive façade punctuated by large sections of glazing deliver transparency and lightness to the form.

    elevating the living areas of the dwelling sees the generation of a minimal footprint, ensuring a limited disturbance of the natural contours of the site negating the need for complex, irregular floor plans or split level planning.


    the architectural language of the dwelling sees an innovative, contemporary approach to the traditional australian vernacular, reinterpreted in a sympathetic response to the surrounding locality.


    crafted by ‘private

    photography by ‘buckandsimple’