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fitout works


office fitout, manly nsw

when the time came to renovate our office space in manly on sydney’s northern beaches we wanted a space that would harmoniously sit in the fabric of our existing building and reflect the relaxed nature of the local beach culture.

we approached the fit-out with an eye to retain and enhance the existing fabric, ensuring any new finishes were robust and hardwearing to withstand the years.


the result is a mix of uncoated australian hardwood floors, hand laid tiles, brass accents and recycled timber. the colour scheme references both coastal and heritage tones for the boardroom, dissipating into a light filled, airy crisp white for the ‘engine room’s loft ceilings.

we look forward to watching the carefully selected palette settle and patina over time, as we conjure up that next bit of awesome for our clients.


crafted by ‘buckandsimple‘

photography by ‘francesco camillo photography’ & ‘buckandsimple’