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gilliver residence


alterations & additions


private residence, vaucluse nsw


bespoke detailing; refined materiality.


gilliver residence is a testament to our ethos of highly crafted spaces, using the beauty and timelessness of natural materials in a responsible and site appropriate way. this design methodology is applied throughout the project, taking the user on a tactile journey from the front gate to the balcony overlooking the harbour. A cohesive material treatment is applied to the existing fabric of the building, stitching together what was previously a disjointed and adhoc combination of spaces. A minimal but refined palette sets the background, offset by the salient occurrence of natural timber, stone and brass, each bringing their own patina and charm, settling and building character over time.


The approach to materiality carries over into the subtle manipulation of space, through a subtle transition between the public and private areas of the residence. Expansive areas of operable glazing and minimal detailing are used in the entertainment areas, to integrate the amazing harbour views and facilitate the contemporary lifestyle of the users. a carefully located and designed oculus is used to bring natural light into the core of the building, transition between the public and private areas of the house.  In the private areas, a more decorative approach is used, to provide a refined level of comfort and enhance the inherent qualities of the existing building.


the gilliver residence provides a timeless backdrop for its owners to enjoy, stitching together a carefully put together residence that makes the most of its natural and built context.



crafted by ‘infinity constructions

photography by ‘buckandsimple’